New Moffat MRT VehicleMoffat Mountain Rescue Team is proud to take delivery of a new vehicle to replace their ageing landrover kept in Dumfries. The new vehicle is a customised Volkswagen Transporter and has been modified over the last few months by Cebotec in Falkirk to meet the team’s needs into the future.

The vehicle replaces the team’s original landrover bought 18 years ago as the first vehicle owned by the rescue team. The original vehicle has seen many callouts and has been a workhorse for the team latterly sited at Police Headquarters in Dumfries and providing a response vehicle for incidents on Criffel.

The new vehicle is based on a Volkswagen Transporter and has been modified to include bespoke storage areas for the team’s technical and medical equipment, a full length stretcher area allowing a casualty to be transported safely while being attended to by a team member, mountain rescue radios and a full light suite allowing night time searching along with seating to allow deployment of team members to searches and rescues.

The new vehicle has been a project for the team for over a year and would not have been possible without the assistance of St John Scotland, who paid for over half the vehicle, and the generosity of members of the public, especially in Dumfries and Galloway, who have contributed to the purchase of the team’s new asset.

The vehicle proudly led off the Moffat Road Race on Tuesday 12 July as its first job of many for Moffat Mountain Rescue Team.



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