landroverMoffat Mountain Rescue Team (MMRT) was called by Police Scotland at 1637 on 1 October
2016 to assist walkers who were lost on Criffel.

The missing walkers, a lady, three young children and 2 dogs had set off from Ardwall Mains
and successfully made it to the summit of Criffel. Unfortunately on the way down they took a
wrong turn and ended up off the normal path and in an area of steep ground.

Police Scotland assisted MMRT by using SARLOC to locate the exact position of the
missing walkers. (SARLOC allows the lost walkers to activate the GPS on their mobile
phone and send their grid reference to rescue team).

As it was identified that the missing walkers were on steep ground a HM Coastguard rescue
helicopter from Prestwick (R999) was also deployed. The helicopter was able to locate the
missing walkers and lower the winchman to them.

Moffat MRT deployed a hasty team from the bottom of the hill whist the helicopter winchman
led the walkers to safer ground and then back to the path meeting the rescue team.

The team members guided the walkers back off the hill to the safety of their car.

Shaun Duignan, Team Leader of Moffat MRT said “The team worked with Police Scotland
and the Coastguard helicopter to safely locate and lead the missing walkers back to safety.
This is a job the team, made up of volunteers, trains for on a regular basis. Once lost on a
hillside it can be quite scary for a missing walker especially if they end up on steep ground.
We were glad to be able to help find the missing walkers and help them before darkness set

2017 Charity Challenge
Moffat MRT has set the date for next years fundraising charity challenge event for 11 June
2017. The challenge in 2017 will return the the Moffat Hills with some new walks.

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